Lomita Park

Traditional Korean Martial Art

Classes run every 2 months for 8 weeks.  Please fill out the form below to be notified if spaces are available for the next session.  Include the name and age of potential students so we can determine which class would be best suited for them.

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Classes available:

  • LITTLE DAGONS – ages 5-11 yrs old
    • Tues or Thurs 5-5:40pm
  • DRAGONS – Little Dragons Grads
    • Fri 5-5:40pm 
  • Soo Bahk Do – Dragon grads or new students ages 12 yrs – adult
    • Tues and Thurs 6-7pm
  • Black Belt training
    • Fri 6-7pm

A great way to destress, work on

focus, learn to defend yourself, get in 

shape or all of the above.  

We can help you.

What do our students and families have to say...

My 10 year-old son has been going to this place since he was kinder and he absolutely loves it. He is terribly shy so thought the class would help build his confidence level and also learn some self-defense skills. Everyone needs self defense skills these days. It took 2 years for my son to do the ki-op(?) but Master Duncan was patient with him. He wanted my son to be the best person he can be, not the best one in the class. Master Duncan is caring and gentle yet firm and he really knows how to teach and bring out the best in people. His martial art skill is top notch and it's amazing to watch his demonstration. I usually sit in the back but I can feel and hear the air moving with each movements when he demonstrates. Simply amazing.
Christine Lee

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